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Welcome to the Workshop

Blue Collar Actors (BCA) is pleased to announce in conjunction with Muddy Feet Film Gear an exclusive opportunity workshop hosted by Mr. John Trejo.


BCA is very excited to bring this opportunity to Arizona for the first time and to be able to deliver a workshop at such a high level of diversity and experience within the industry.  Mr. Trejo has worked in front and behind the camera, for some of the biggest productions in film and television as an actor and stunt performer/stunt coordinator.  His body of work has gross over $475 million  worldwide in just 11 years.


This is your first step into a world of imagination and industry magic, let Mr. Trejo show you all the opportunities at your fingertips.

About Us

We are a locally owned business with family history dating back to the late 1800’s where my great grandfather John Henry Bright Sr. ran a pack mule logistics supply chain to different mining operations throughout the southern territory.  In 1908 he became the first territory deputy sheriff and constable for the town of Courtland in Cochise County where he served for more than 8 years.  Very little ruins exist in the town of Courtland, Arizona today but with the help of my great grandfather there still stands memories of days long past, in the jailhouse he had constructed in Courtland.  Although today its shows signs of wear and vandalism the foundation is as strong as the day it was built.  Like my great grandfather I have a love for Arizona that runs deep, not only within my family history but for our passion to see Arizona flourish.  Since 2008 I’ve been involved in the film industry working in several different departments as well as working in front and behind the camera.  Over the years I’ve been blessed to be part of more than 50 different projects with bodies of work spanning through several different States.  Our experience in working with all types of productions has given us a leading edge in the industry with tailor made rental packages, equipment, consulting, and staff expertise.

It is our hope that the industry flourishes in Arizona once again and that we can be part of the foundation.

“I’ll put a nickel in that for ya”

                                                                                                                          John Henry Bright

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John Bright Trejo

Production Design Coordinator

Mechanical Engineer degree from Arizona State University (ASU)


As a talented mechanical engineer, Mr. Trejo brings cutting-edge knowledge to every design for a safe and productive project.  His years of experience in dealing with intricate drafts, design, and set-ups make him one of the leading engineer architects in the production services business.  John has worked on multilayered complex projects throughout the world, dealing with several different companies, manufacturers, clients, and stakeholders to deliver a safe and cost-effective approach.



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Camera Support Equipment

- Dollies, Dolly Track, Sliders
- Crane systems, Remote heads
- Electric vehicles
- Camera stabilizers

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Grip and Specialty Equipment

- Visual FX Screens, Backing, and Overheads
- Light control, Diffusion
- Raw fabric
- Stunt SPFX
- Rigging hardware, Hoists, and Winches

truff picture.webp

Truss and Deck

- Tomcat box truss (ANSI) code E1-2-2013

Available sizes: Light Duty: 12”x12” Box truss (2’/3’/5’/6’/8’10’)
Medium Duty: 20.5”x 20.5 Box truss


Heavy Duty: 30”x 20.5” Spigoted truss

(5’/8’/10’) 5-way corner blocks

- Steel Deck Platform Systems

Specialized Equipment

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 2.16.57 PM.png

- GripTrix, CineTrix Shadow tracker 4WD
- The Shadow Tracker is a 4WD electric-powered camera dolly that offers maximum versatility on pavement or rugged terrain and is a quick solution to subject tracking and camera positioning.
- Ideal for Steadicam, stabilized heads, jib arms, and mobile telescopic cranes. Tracker XL 2WD
- The Tracker XL is a 2WD electric-powered camera dolly that offers maximum versatility on pavement or rugged terrain and is a quick solution to subject tracking and camera positioning.
- Ideal for Steadicam, stabilized heads, jib arms, and mobile telescopic cranes, such as an Aero Jib, Technocrane 15 or Moviebird 17. This unit can be loaded with camer mounts, camera equipment, sound equipment and the crew safely.
- The Tracker XL can also be used in a non-tracking shot as a base for the camera crane so it can be instantly moved as needed without costly delays.
CINETRIX battery pack system

Smart, Clean Portable Power System
The new CINETRIX CUBE system is an integration of the most advanced power components that supply portable, clean power to mobile telescopic camera cranes, lighting and other camera equipment, eliminating the need for trailing power lines or noisy generators. CINETRIX offers only pure sine wave (THD < 3%) inverters designed for the most demanding mobile and off-grid applications. “Pure sine wave” is the purest form of power and provides smooth, flawless performance without the hum and hiccups that can accompany lower- grade “modified sine wave” systems.

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Contact Anchor

Contact Us


2121 S Priest Dr Tempe, Arizona 85282




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