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Welcome Actors 

This workshop has been tailored to give each student a true look into the industry with firsthand experience.  You’ll have an in-depth look at what is needed during each phase of the process to book your first job.  Mr. Trejo has spent several years perfecting this workshop's curriculum giving each student the tools needed to achieve their goals.


The workshop has been designed for those individuals who are 18 years of age or older.


This is a 4-hour workshop, in the past, it has run closer to 5 hours pending the students.


Snacks and beverages provided.

*Acting 101 workshop is coming back very soon!.

*Members of the Arizona Production Association $20.

*For individuals who are represented by a talent agency $35.

*Individual that will be attending that are non-APA or that are not represented by an agency $50.

*We are working to bring you another amazing acting class, in the meantime click the link and follow out Eventbrite page and be notified when new classes are available.

Acting 101

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