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Courses and Classes

Acting 201 

This is a 6-week course that will develop an actor’s ability to engage within the scene from multiple points of view.  This brings you into the scene, supporting, and feeding off other actors.  Living in the moment.

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Acting 301 

Acting 301- Character development is a 6-week course that will take you into someone else’s version of a person and have the ability to resemble real life.  Learn how to portray real character development with a convincing character arc.


Stunt 201 

This 6-week course has been designed to give each student the next level in performance for film and television. To attend this course, you must have attended the 101 workshop or have been cleared by the lead instructor.

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Stunt 301 

This course has been developed by several stunt coordinators and performers with years of experience.  To attend this 6-week course you must meet the requirements of the 201 course and be clear by the lead instructor.

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